Welcome to the official political home of libertarianism in the UK.

There are three Libertarian Parties in the United Kingdom and this website represents two of them. The Libertarian Party UK (LPUK) which covers England, Wales and Kernow. & The Libertarian Party Northern Ireland which is separate entity in accordance with electoral law.

Additionally Scotland is covered by The Scottish Libertarian Party with whom we have a working relationship but who we are not affiliated with.

LPUK stands for lower taxes for both individuals and companies, small government, free speech and individual responsibility. We support free trade and free enterprise whilst believing that people should make their own choices and not rely on the government. We support a withdrawal from the European Union and a return to the free trade agreements that it was founded on.

The LPUK is a broad libertarian platform which takes a realistic view on libertarianism in the UK and our policies and mission statements reflect that. The Party exists solely to give voters a chance to vote for Liberty and a small State, it does not claim to have leadership of the Libertarian Movement, or represent all of the many strands of Libertarian thought.

For those who have a deeper understanding of politics, The Libertarian Party UK is a Classical Liberal Regionalist and Minarchist organisation. It is not an Anarchist Collective. We have a Constitution that all members who join assent voluntarily to abide by. If you don’t like elections and being in a Constitutional Party don’t join the LPUK.

We welcome debate and have an active Facebook page. Please do communicate with us through our page. You can find us here LPUK – Facebook Page

We are a small, but growing party. We would welcome any help and support in our political role to get the message out and about to the general public about libertarian politics and what we stand for. If you have any skills that you believe will assist us in this task please make contact through the contact us page or Facebook. We are setting up a regional structure and again welcome contact from people who share our politics and are willing to become regional chairmen, spokes people in defined area’s such as taxation etc.

Also people wanting to be activists in growing the party and standing in local, district and national elections.

The FIRST thing to do is join the party as a member through the link on this page. We are also in desperate needs of funds, so any donation you can make would be really beneficial to us as we get no funding from anywhere else apart from our membership.

Lastly our website is a work in progress. We are updating this as we can. We will be adding a simplified policy document as well as a mission statement during 2016. In the meantime have a look around and any questions direct them to our Facebook page, or through the contact us page.

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