Welcome to the official political home of Libertarianism in the UK.


A huge congratulations to all of our candidates who stepped up to represent the party in this very hastily organised election and especially to the teams both at central office and locally, supporting the candidates and without who we would not have been able to fight the election.

And of course thank you to all of the people who voted for the Libertarian Party and who understand that with the Conservatives and Labour competing for the title of most economically illiterate that we need to give a credible opposition to the ever increasing government control offered by all of the main parties.

This election is likely to go down as one of the biggest political follies in the history of the UK as the Conservatives gave up their majority after once again failing to judge the mood of the people. However it was a historic night for the Libertarian Party with us fielding the most candidates in our history, we achieved our limited objectives of gaining media profile and vastly increasing our membership.

Due to the rigging of the system in favour of the main parties we were unable to stand in as many seats as we would have liked but with this foundation we have set a solid base to build on for the next election.

Adam Brown
Libertarian Party Leader



What does the Libertarian Party UK stand for?

LPUK stands for lower taxes for both individuals and companies, small government, free speech and individual responsibility. We support free trade and free enterprise whilst believing that people should make their own choices and not rely on the government. We support a withdrawal from the European Union and a return to the free trade agreements that it was founded on.

The LPUK is a broad libertarian platform which takes a realistic view on libertarianism in the UK and our policies and mission statements reflect that. The Party exists solely to give voters a chance to vote for Liberty and a small State, it does not claim to have leadership of the Libertarian Movement, or represent all of the many strands of Libertarian thought.

For those who have a deeper understanding of politics, The Libertarian Party UK is a Classical Liberal Regionalist and Minarchist organisation. It is not an Anarchist Collective. We have a Constitution that all members who join assent voluntarily to abide by. If you don’t like elections and being in a Constitutional Party don’t join the LPUK.

We are a small, but growing party. We would welcome any help and support in our political role to get the message out and about to the general public about libertarian politics and what we stand for.

The FIRST thing to do is join the party as a member through the link on this page. We are also in desperate needs of funds, so any donation you can make would be really beneficial to us as we get no funding from anywhere else apart from our membership.

If you would like to help with practical support please make contact through the contact us page or the LPUK – Facebook Page.

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