Established in 2007, the Libertarian Party takes root in Minarchist principles and classical liberal beliefs.

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We firmly believe that individuals and businesses should be at the helm of their economic decision-making.

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Our mission is to champion personal freedom, fostering an environment of minimal government interference.

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Our vision is a society governed by a restrained state, where individuals' rights and free markets prevail.

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Necessitating a significant shift. Our vision sees a written constitution that places you, the individual, as sovereign above Parliament.

Empowering Individuals

As a party, we staunchly advocate for individual rights, non-interventionism, laissez-faire capitalism, and the constraint of government size and influence.

Shaping a Better Future

Join us in shaping a future where liberty thrives, and the power of the state is restrained, allowing every citizen to pursue their dreams unencumbered.

What Our
Supporters Say

As a freelancer, the Libertarian Party UK shares my vision of a society where the state doesn't overshadow individual choices. Their commitment to free markets is what drew me in. Finally, a political movement that aligns with my belief in economic liberty!

James Mitchell,


As a young professional, choosing the Libertarian Party UK was a no-brainer. Their mission of minimizing government interference in economic decisions hits home. Finally, a political stance that mirrors my belief in individual empowerment. Excited to see where we go!

Alex Turner,

Young Professional

As a tech enthusiast, joining the Libertarian Party UK was a natural fit for me. Their dedication to personal freedom and letting individuals shape their destinies resonates. Proud to be part of a movement that believes in the power of choices.

Emma Roberts,

Tech Enthusiast

The Libertarian Party UK just gets it. As a small business owner, I appreciate their focus on letting businesses thrive without unnecessary red tape. With them, it's not just politics; it's personal freedom and economic empowerment in action.

Sarah Thompson,

Small Business Owner

Liberty & Freedom

Welcome to the official website of the Libertarian Party UK – your gateway to liberty and individual freedom!

Libertarian Movement

As the premier political force advocating for libertarian ideals in the United Kingdom, we extend a warm welcome to visitors who share our commitment to limited government, personal autonomy, and free-market principles.

Autonomy Central

At the heart of our vision lies the belief that individuals should be free to live their lives without unnecessary government interference, fostering a society where personal responsibility, voluntary cooperation, and the protection of individual rights are paramount.

Prosperity Awaits

Join us in shaping a future where liberty thrives, and the power of the state is restrained, allowing every citizen to pursue their dreams unencumbered. Explore our platform, engage with our community, and be a part of the movement that champions a truly free and prosperous United Kingdom.

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