The events surrounding the Scottish Independence Referendum over the last few weeks begs the question why are we allowing ourselves to be ruled by such ruthless incompetents in both Whitehall and Westminster.

Firstly the Libertarian Party UK position on the role of devolved Government and the non-existent Constitution of the current United Kingdom:

The Libertarian Party in the United Kingdom entered into an agreement with the Scottish Libertarian Party in 2013, as it is only right and just that the political realities are recognised. This was done cordially and has allowed both parties to cooperate going forward.

The Libertarian Party has a clear policy on devolved government and believes that it is a good thing. Germany has had its Länder, or States since 1949, to forestall the rise of another Hitler and to avoid all power being centralised in Berlin. Germany is of course in the EU. Even in Germany, voters in Saxony have returned anti-EU candidates.

Our role model is the Cantonal Government of Switzerland.

The Cantons have tax competition and follows the Libertarian dictum that  the government should be as near to the people as possible. There is direct democracy through referendum where everybody’s vote counts. Switzerland is not part of the EU.

Ulster and Wales along with Scotland have devolved government, although bizarrely enough the English, who are subsidising the United Kingdom, are not consulted, nor do they have devolved Government.

LPUK policy is to give devolved government to the Counties of everything from Whitehall other than defence and foreign affairs. This will remove a huge raft of government and eradicate the need for professional politicians who have never held down a full time job in the real world.

For historical reasons and cultural continuity, these devolved powers would be based on the ancient Saxon Kingdoms;  Mercia, Wessex, Northumbria, East Anglia, Sussex, Essex and Kent, plus  Wales, Northern Ireland and Kernow.
We reject any notion this is all part of a plot by the EU to break up the country. These divisions are a thousand years old and it is LPUK policy to leave the EU at the earliest opportunity.

Anybody who thinks that the status quo will continue after September 18th is hoping against hope as did the Stasi in 1989. The genie is out of the bottle, and the courage has to be found to come up with a viable alternative and release the energies and talent of the current United Kingdom held in check by a political elite that live in the magical Kingdom surrounded by M25.

To do this we will need a written Constitution that protects the rights of the individual and set down our constitutional arrangements on defence and foreign affairs.

Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have done the people of these Isles a service. They have demonstrated that they are the result of the first past the post electoral system, that is unresponsive in an alleged ‘representative democracy’. They have been utterly complacent, finally panicking and flying to Scotland in the dying days of a referendum offering incentives after the postal votes have been made. The flying of the Saltire in England stunt was both humiliating and puerile.

After the 18th September, we should all have a say in a Constitutional Convention, dealing with our electoral system, exiting the EU and making a new political settlement.

As to Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, they should leave the political stage and resign. They have brought nothing but confusion and instability.

Scottish Referendum
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