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Playwright David Parry Appointed Press Secretary of the Libertarian Party UK

Following the March 2015 meeting of the (UK) Libertarian Party in Bournemouth, England, Mr. David Parry, renowned poet, dramaturge, playwright, Pagan activist and broadcaster, found himself unanimously appointed Press Secretary by delegates. As the CEO of Theo-Humanist Arts Ltd, as well as a lifelong Libertarian, there was a general feeling that his connections with international arts, along with media generally, would both raise the profile of party activities, as well as serve the cause of liberty.

Indeed, as a self-confessed Whig and Jeffersonian – who stands firm by minarchist models of social democracy – Parry has contributed (behind the scenes) to Libertarian gatherings across the decades. However, he now feels the need to firm up his commitments. Particularly, since the Party has evolved vibrant new networks across Europe, while having established a strong working relationship with the International Association of Libertarian Parties.

Enthusiastically, Parry stated, “at a time when the ever-encroaching State simply proposes unending taxation and unprecedented spending as a universal cure-all, the LPUK stands alone in upholding a free market and personal liberty.” Additionally, “no other party has a constitution allowing for full devolution (only constrained by electoral Law), accompanied by a policy of talking to anybody, any group, or party, genuinely interested in promoting the philosophy of freedom.”

David Parry

Taking up his duties with gusto, Parry has already arranged two radio interviews for Andrew Withers, Party Leader, not to mention an open discussion of Libertarian Literatures at Russkiy Mir (Books in Russian bookstore) in London this July.

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Press Release 3-7-2015