NCC Members


Andrew Withers – Chairman

Adam Brown – Party Leader

Bill Etheridge – Deputy Chairman

Will Taylor – Deputy Leader

Peter White – Party Secretary

Brian Vickery – Treasurer

Tim Marshall – Nominating Officer

Scott Neville – Membership Secretaries

Dan Liddicott – Student and Youth Coordinator

Zoe Tidswell & Martin DayPress Office

Ian Parker-Joseph – Technical and IT

Scott Neville – Data Protection Officer

Al Jones – Merchandising


Regional Co-ordinators

(also have seat on NCC)


Northern – Terry O’Neill/Liam Hillman

East Yorkshire, Hull – Will Taylor

Wales – Sean Clarke

Mercia – Dan Liddicott

East Anglia – Tim Marshall

Essex – Zoe Tidswell

Wessex – Andrew Withers

Dorset, Devon & Hants – Brian Vickery

Hampshire – Scott Neville

London & S.E – Dan Liddicott



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