The Libertarian Party UK AGM 2012 will be held this year at the following venue.

Committee Room 2

Clevedon Town Council
44 Old Street
North Somerset
BS21 6BU

On arrival please check in with your membership card




Film short by Guy Montrose

Welcoming Remarks by The Chairman

Welcoming speech by The Party Leader

Constitutional Amendments

Proposition 1

That the Party do adopt the Federal Constitution proposed

The Libertarian Party very nearly ceased to exist in April 2010 due to external and internal attacks by former and non members. This situation relayed some fundamental weaknesses in the Constitution of the Party.

The Statutory officers are those that are responsible for the Party as set down by the Electoral Commission, under our current Constitution they are the final arbiter. Therefore we have to amend our Constitution to reflect that reality. Electoral Commission letter 20th July 2011 confirms.

To ensure that there is no centralising move, the proposal is that the Party adopt a Federal Constitution, and that each Region is responsible for collecting and spending its own funds and registers as an accounting unit.

Draft Federal Constitution



To address the Tax ,Guns, Drugs, NHS, Immigration issues in particular


It is not just that each individual can be free, but that the State is fettered by the individual. The Party must have of having a unique selling point beyond that of Austrian Economics, Libertarianism when claimed by UKIP, BNP and even members of the Labour Party,  it is a misunderstood and tainted term, more associated with right wing neo conservative fundamentalist Christians in the eyes of our Fabian  opponents.

40% of our fellow citizens no longer bother to vote, and we have slipped to 20th place in Transparency International’s corruption league. The ideal  Constitution is an adaption of the 1999 Swiss Federal Constitution. We had a written Constitution that was torn up in May 1660, It is time to fetter the State with a Constitution that begins-In the name of the Commons of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Cornwall here assembled


Film short on how not to do it

What to learn from this, and standing for election

Close by 5pm

Libertarian Party AGM 2012