Or rather the lack of one.

The United Kingdom is just one of four countries in the world that does not have a written Constitution.  There is absolutely nothing to protect the individual or, come to that, whole communities, towns and cities from the arbitrary decisions of a small Whitehall clique fronted by a gaggle of parliamentary yes-men all eager to climb up the greasy pole of power.

London is now acting like a Renaissance Italian City State seeking to dominate the rest of the country with values and short term fixes that are a good fit for London, but not for elsewhere.  Like the City States of old when they lose their raison d’etre, ie a finance power house,  it begins to cede power to stronger entities, in this case Brussels.

The political classes know the game is up.  Their authority is fatally weakened.  That is why they are passing more and more laws, regulations and restrictions to bind the general public.  Ultimately it does not matter who you vote for.  The Civil Servants will always get in.

The Libertarian Party believes in the peaceful transition to a Swiss style Cantonal Constitution where every vote counts and local and national governments reflect the vote accurately through proportional representation.



It’s the Constitution Stupid!
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