Its The Concentration Of Power Stupid

Over the weekend we have passed a watershed in civic life. A chairman of a national British Bank has resigned over the dishonesty of its senior staff in the fixing of the LIBOR rate.There is more to come on this from other banks in the UK and Europe.

This has come on top of MP’s going to jail, the party of the people mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s future by giving our reckless banks the PIN code to the banks to keep them afloat when neither Government nor these insolvent institutions have the slightest idea of how big this black hole is. The repressive and oppressive state that came out of thirteen years misrule does not even begin

Despite the last labour administration launching expensive wars,bankrupting the exchequer, the Conservative Party under Cameron could not decisively win the last General Election, and had to rely on a party that is more Social Democrat than Liberal to form a Government.Social Democracy is marxist in outlook and origin.So the net result is that we have a non conservative government trying to be all things to all men.We have a chancellor who would rather send a junior minister to be mauled by Paxman than try to explain why he has performed yet another U turn, in a life imitates art parody of ‘drop the dead donkey’. Chloe Smith was offered the job at the Treasury because Cameron thought she was a a chartered accountant,

At the last election nearly forty per cent of the electorate did not vote, those that did vote many knew that their vote would not count under first past the post. That means that whole swathes of different political thought are not represented in Parliament, and we have to endure a two and half party political system that is argued to be ‘representative parliamentary democracy’ when it is anything but. It is a conclave of vested interest concentrated in the hands of the few.

Oborne vividly put the political inter relationships in his book the  The Triumph Of The Political Class’. The Leveson Inquiry has merely demonstrated the depths that these inter-relationships stoop to.

The two and half party state is pro the EU, yet seventy per cent of the population would vote out, so that representative democracy does not work. The largest Eurosceptic party UKIP has achieved no representation at Westminster in twenty years, so  again where des the system allow full debate of national issues.

It is only through the devolution of power away from the centre can political life be restored and local people can vote for local people who are there to truly represent their interests. The Libertarian Party sees the european model of cantonal government in Switzerland as the best way out of this mire. The Shires once were the basis of both political and military organisation, so this is nothing new for us to readopt and use PR as the voting system.

Schumacher was right nearly forty years ago in his seminal book ‘Small is beautiful’ the modern British State has proved that Big is oppressive and corrupt.

Whitehall and the City are incapable of reform and will merely tinker around the edges. Both need breaking up to end this almost monarchical concentration of power.

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