Immigration Overview

Our immigration policy will be points based whilst the State provided Welfare System exists.

The core tenet is that there should be free movement of peoples. Anybody arriving in the country should have no expectation of being supported by the State, subsidized housing or any benefits of any kind.

• The state will not issue any NI numbers to anybody not born in this country, or has made not less than five years contribution in payments to an NI scheme.
• Anybody granted a residency permit will be obliged to demonstrate that they have adequate medical insurance.
• In parallel, we will establish bilateral agreements with countries to enable free flows of people.
• Longer term, and in conjunction with the shrinking of our unsustainable current Welfare System, we are committed to pursuing an open borders policy towards those who would wish to come to the United Kingdom in order to contribute to our economy and peaceful shores.
• Totally free movement of people into the UK is not practical whilst we have a large welfare state and other countries are themselves not broadly Libertarian in nature.
• A free flow notwithstanding, any Libertarian government will reserve the right to eject or refuse entry to foreign nationals convicted in a court of law as part of the Government’s prime role in protecting the population and  maintaining Rule of Law.
• The UK shall have full control over its immigration policy, with any right of final appeal remaining within the UK.
• Asylum Seekers must present at a UK border or at the British Embassy of a neighbouring country to their own, otherwise their claim shall not be accepted.
• Those refusing to declare originating country and accept that the failure of their application will result in their return shall be denied entry, and any right to seek asylum will be refused outright without appeal.
• Asylum seekers to be held “air side” while their case is heard as swiftly as possible, meaning weeks, not months or years. This shall not apply to children under the age of 15.
• End automatic access to education and resources for any child who presents itself to the authorities, i.e. vouchers will not be available.
• We believe any concept of a mass “amnesty”, actual or de facto forgivesness for illegal immigration undermines Rule of Law and as such will not be entertained.
• The policies above are strict but are drawn up in regard to those who approach the process lawfully and follow the rules, not those who try and bend the rules or bootstrap their way in.
• Acceptance into the armed forces will be dealt with by the Ministry of Defence.


Immigration (pdf)