The last few years have seen a leap forward in the Libertarian Movement, the international movement has coalesced around the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties was formed in March of this year in Bournemouth, we have a stable team on the National Coordinating Committee, and we are being asked for interviews again by the media, even the BBC. Membership is growing.

Both of the Socialist Parties in the UK , the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats were roundly defeated in the General Election, however the Party has been warning about the lack of progress on Constitutional and Electoral Reform for the last five years. The next two years these issues will be forced to the fore front with the EU Referendum and the Settlement with Scotland.

We are seeking to build bridges with the many libertarian leaning groups and societies and with other classical liberal parties. This is moving forward a pace.

I made the decision before the General Election, that I would not be standing for re election as Party Leader at the October Conference, therefore I have three months left on my watch. I have filled this time with speeches in the Netherlands and Norway for the Dutch and Norwegian parties, messages of support have been requested and sent with pleasure to the Swedish and Italian Parties. I will be meeting my colleagues in Belgium and France in the next few weeks.

The Wessex Libertarian Party is robust and I will be supporting and keeping my links with the West Country, and hope to see other regions grow in strength and vigour.

I commend this new website, all the members of the NCC past and present that have kept us moving forward and the activists who devote so much time and energy, not being keyboard warriors but building a presence on the ground with the public.

Regards Andrew Withers

Party Leader

Andrew LPUK

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