Election 2017

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General Election 2017

LPUK Parliamentary Candidates 2017

Joe Jenkins
PPC - Portsmouth North
I live in Portsmouth and am proud to call it home. I work as an editor, proofreader, web designer and author. There is far too much waste in Government and funding is being removed from those that need it the most. This must end. I am proud to see the way that Portsmouth people support each other and, as well as doing all I can to provide solutions on the national stage, will be doing all I can to make it easier for us all to support each other on a smaller scale. Joe is a local man living in Hilsea, Portsmouth.
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Michael Marchetti
PPC - Blaydon
I have lived in the North East for 6 years now. I originally moved from Glasgow to study here and chose to stay. I have never come across a region or group of people, as friendly and welcoming as those I have met in Blaydon and the North East at large. This is now my home and I aim to make Blaydon a better place to live and work. Blaydon has such a great potential to be at the very front of industry and quality of life in the UK. I will work hard to put the people of Blaydon first. A local man, Michael lives in Greenside, Ryton.
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Scott Neville
PPC - Basingstoke
I have always lived in and around Basingstoke working in both retail and the area’s vibrant IT sector. Our little corner of north east Hampshire is the only place I can call home. I like to get things done. When people are empowered to do things in their own unique way they are happier and more effective. I wish to protect our hard won freedoms so people can live their own lives as they see fit. Scott is a local man living in Basingstoke.
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Will Taylor
PPC - Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle
I was born in Hull, but travelled around a lot when I was young. At age 23 I decided to return to my roots and now live and work in West Hull. When I drive down the A63 and see the Humber Bridge, I know I’m home. We’re a compassionate lot in Hull and Hessle. And we also like to do things our way. I want local people to have more freedom, so we can choose what’s right for us and our community. Will is a local man living in Hull.
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Candidates can be contacted by using the links at the bottom of each profile.



What does the Libertarian Party UK stand for?

LPUK stands for lower taxes for both individuals and companies, small government, free speech and individual responsibility. We support free trade and free enterprise whilst believing that people should make their own choices and not rely on the government. We support a withdrawal from the European Union and a return to the free trade agreements that it was founded on.

The LPUK is a broad libertarian platform which takes a realistic view on libertarianism in the UK and our policies and mission statements reflect that. The Party exists solely to give voters a chance to vote for Liberty and a small State, it does not claim to have leadership of the Libertarian Movement, or represent all of the many strands of Libertarian thought.

For those who have a deeper understanding of politics, The Libertarian Party UK is a Classical Liberal Regionalist and Minarchist organisation. It is not an Anarchist Collective. We have a Constitution that all members who join assent voluntarily to abide by. If you don’t like elections and being in a Constitutional Party don’t join the LPUK.

We are a small, but growing party. We would welcome any help and support in our political role to get the message out and about to the general public about libertarian politics and what we stand for.

The FIRST thing to do is join the party as a member through the link on this page. We are also in desperate needs of funds, so any donation you can make would be really beneficial to us as we get no funding from anywhere else apart from our membership.

If you would like to help any of our candidates with practical support please contact them using the links on their profiles or make contact through the contact us page or the LPUK – Facebook Page.


A huge Thank You to everyone who has donated thus far.

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