Thank you for making a donation to the Libertarian Party.

We will use any donations to help build the party presence in the UK Donations are used to help fund our communications, media, meetups and conferences, so every little helps

Donations to political parties in the UK are controlled by the Electoral Commission and the Libertarian Party needs to ensure that it complies with the law.

All bitcoin donations are transfered to a BitPay multisignature wallet controlled by 5 members of the NCC

For sums under £500
Please use this payment button. Your email will only be used to ensure that we do not get multiple donations from the same source. Please see our privacy policy (link)

For Donations from permissible donors over £500
We need to keep records of the value and the name and address for all donations over £500. This information will be kept private by us unless it totals over £7500 in any year, in that case the Electoral Commission would then publish the name of the donor and amount of donation, but they do not publish the address.
Please see our privacy policy (link)


A donation in UK law is classed as “any money, goods or services given to a party without charge or on non-commercial terms, with a value of over £500”

We can only accept a donation (sums over £500) from permissible donors. If we are unsure if a donation comes from a permissible donor and can not contact the donor any money goes to the UK government.

A permissible donor is:

• An individual registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors and those leaving bequests.
•Most UK-registered companies.
•A Great Britain registered political party.
•A UK-registered trade union.
•A UK-registered building society.
•A UK-registered limited liability partnership (LLP) that carries on business in the UK.
•A UK-registered friendly society.
•A UK-based unincorporated association that carries on business or other activities in the UK.

Thank you for making a donation to the Libertarian Party.