Defence Overview


Following the Crimean War disaster in 1856, the British Army was overhauled by Edward Cardwell Secretary of State for War in 1868, determined on a programme of reform to overcome the incompetence and maladministration of our armed forces.

At a time when we have more admirals than ships and aircraft carriers with no supply of aircraft to land on them, together with there being more civil servants working in the MOD than full time soldiers there is a requirement for a ‘Cardwell 2’.

Our aim is to ensure a strong, independent, sovereign nation. This requires a well funded, trained and equipped professional Armed Forces (both full time and Reservist), geared for the defence of our nation and shipping, a policy called Armed Neutrality.

National Defence is one of the few legitimate reasons for the State to exist. This is different to mounting wars in support of other nations and invading other sovereign nations on the command of the Prime Minster exercising the Royal Prerogative. The Libertarian Party is for immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan.

•Our Armed Forces need to be able to make an enemy think twice, so must have the ability to project force rapidly, globally and flexibly in focused ways, e.g. submarines, amphibious assault, Marines, Special Forces.
• To protect supply lines and commercial shipping and fisheries from piracy and other interference will require a suitably sized fleet of Corvettes, Frigates and associated support craft.
• Reformation of Volunteer Yeomanry on a county basis for 18-25 year olds wishing to enlist as part time soldiers with no requirement to serve overseas and to be paid. This based on the Swiss Militia system.
• Maintain membership of NATO while in the National Interest.
• Maintain strong ties with non-aggressive Commonwealth countries.
• Any nuclear deterrent to be made truly independent, retained maintained and eventually replaced in the foreseeable future.
• The establishment of a separate military pension over and above the State pension for those that have served in the armed forces.
• The establishment of separate military hospitals for those servicemen and ex-servicemen and their families.
• The establishment of a living wage for the armed forces
• A programme of demolition of old housing and building of modern accommodation using the disposal of MOD assets.

This is to establish real substance to the ‘Military Covenant’ which should be on the statute book. Military Pensions by the State should be seen not as entitlements but as rewards for actual service.


Defence & Security (pdf)