The Libertarian Party has long argued for fundamental Constitutional change on the Swiss model of devolved direct democracy with the use of referenda.

With a turn out of 85% the Scottish Referendum has showed that the people can and should be trusted with fundamental decisions.

For the Libertarian Party there is ample proof that our so called ‘representative ‘ democracy with first past the post gerrymandering is sclerotic and bust.

Wars, reckless spending, MPs expenses from the ‘Rotten Parliament’ and now the Scottish Referendum shows we must have change.

The West Lothian question was asked in 1978. Thirty five years to provide an answer is intolerable.

Cameron has rejected an English Parliament. He is out of tune with the will of the people in England. He is also out of time. The sleeping giant has awoken. He must stand aside.

All three party leaders have promised greater powers for Scotland and retention of the Barnett formula. This was without reference to Parliament and the whole of the people of these isles. This is not acceptable.

Alex Salmond has rendered a service to the union in exposing the flawed system we labour under.

We call for a Constitutional Convention that all shades of political opinion are consulted. Leaving the matter to William Hague and tired party hacks is not acceptable.


Constitutional Convention