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Scottish Referendum

The events surrounding the Scottish Independence Referendum over the last few weeks begs the question why are we allowing ourselves to be ruled by such ruthless incompetents in both Whitehall and Westminster.

Firstly the Libertarian Party UK position on the role of devolved Government and the non-existent Constitution of the current United Kingdom:

The Libertarian Party in the United Kingdom entered into an agreement with the Scottish Libertarian Party in 2013, as it is only right and just that the political realities are recognised. This was done cordially and has allowed both parties to cooperate going forward.

The Libertarian Party has a clear policy on devolved government and believes that it is a good thing. Germany has had its Länder, or States since 1949, to forestall the rise of another Hitler and to avoid all power being centralised in Berlin. Germany is of course in the EU. Even in Germany, voters in Saxony have returned anti-EU candidates.

Our role model is the Cantonal Government of Switzerland.

The Cantons have tax competition and follows the Libertarian dictum that  the government should be as near to the people as possible. There is direct democracy through referendum where everybody’s vote counts. Switzerland is not part of the EU.

Ulster and Wales along with Scotland have devolved government, although bizarrely enough the English, who are subsidising the United Kingdom, are not consulted, nor do they have devolved Government.

LPUK policy is to give devolved government to the Counties of everything from Whitehall other than defence and foreign affairs. This will remove a huge raft of government and eradicate the need for professional politicians who have never held down a full time job in the real world.

For historical reasons and cultural continuity, these devolved powers would be based on the ancient Saxon Kingdoms;  Mercia, Wessex, Northumbria, East Anglia, Sussex, Essex and Kent, plus  Wales, Northern Ireland and Kernow.
We reject any notion this is all part of a plot by the EU to break up the country. These divisions are a thousand years old and it is LPUK policy to leave the EU at the earliest opportunity.

Anybody who thinks that the status quo will continue after September 18th is hoping against hope as did the Stasi in 1989. The genie is out of the bottle, and the courage has to be found to come up with a viable alternative and release the energies and talent of the current United Kingdom held in check by a political elite that live in the magical Kingdom surrounded by M25.

To do this we will need a written Constitution that protects the rights of the individual and set down our constitutional arrangements on defence and foreign affairs.

Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have done the people of these Isles a service. They have demonstrated that they are the result of the first past the post electoral system, that is unresponsive in an alleged ‘representative democracy’. They have been utterly complacent, finally panicking and flying to Scotland in the dying days of a referendum offering incentives after the postal votes have been made. The flying of the Saltire in England stunt was both humiliating and puerile.

After the 18th September, we should all have a say in a Constitutional Convention, dealing with our electoral system, exiting the EU and making a new political settlement.

As to Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, they should leave the political stage and resign. They have brought nothing but confusion and instability.

Libertarian Party UK oppose appointment of Lady Butler-Schloss

Andrew Withers, leader of LPUK said the appointment of Lady Butler-Schloss is a breathtaking act of incompetence by this administration considering her family links and the earlier alleged cover up and loss of files in the reported high level paedophile ring over four decades.

She may had been a fine Judge but this is a matter of public confidence.

The Libertarian Party again calls for Misfeasance in Public Office to be made a statutory offence. Public Servants misdeeds should be punished as they were under common law.

See also:
Brother of child abuse inquiry judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was accused of ‘cover up’
Late brother of Baroness Butler-Sloss, judge in charge of Westminster child abuse inquiry, was attorney general who refused to prosecute paedophile spy.


It’s the Constitution Stupid!

Or rather the lack of one.

The United Kingdom is just one of four countries in the world that does not have a written Constitution.  There is absolutely nothing to protect the individual or, come to that, whole communities, towns and cities from the arbitrary decisions of a small Whitehall clique fronted by a gaggle of parliamentary yes-men all eager to climb up the greasy pole of power.

London is now acting like a Renaissance Italian City State seeking to dominate the rest of the country with values and short term fixes that are a good fit for London, but not for elsewhere.  Like the City States of old when they lose their raison d’etre, ie a finance power house,  it begins to cede power to stronger entities, in this case Brussels.

The political classes know the game is up.  Their authority is fatally weakened.  That is why they are passing more and more laws, regulations and restrictions to bind the general public.  Ultimately it does not matter who you vote for.  The Civil Servants will always get in.

The Libertarian Party believes in the peaceful transition to a Swiss style Cantonal Constitution where every vote counts and local and national governments reflect the vote accurately through proportional representation.



Abuse By The State

A week ago the Libertarian Party asked for examples of abuse by the State that had been sidelined by the Police and other public authorities in much the same way justice was denied for the Hillsborough victims for over twenty years. The response has been overwhelming.

Andre Power wrote this email to the journalist Melanie Philips, who dismissed his arguments as absurd (at the same time publicising her new book in her reply)  So it appears that the Press only wants to engage with the State on terms allowed by the State already, irrespective of the Royal Commission.

In May 2010 the Law Commission published a document called Administrative Redress: Public Bodies and the Citizen. Both Ministers and Officials wanted nothing to do with proposals that would make it easier to get redress in the face of sloth, ignorance and corruption.

Dear Melanie,


Just read your article on the freedom of the press, which broadly I agree with in full.

However, you neglect to tell one thing and that is that there is a cosy cartel of modern media that already represents the “news” as they see fit, mostly collated from the same big media outlets such as Reuters or cobbled together from a mish mash of agreed formats such as the royals, the daily lives of soap stars and celebrities, sports and the minutiae of politics from the three main parties, which we endure as if there are no other political trains of thought for us to entertain. Throw in the odd disaster, the weather and each paper’s pet bête noire – benefit cheats, the NHS, or bankers bonuses and you have a corn fed diet of same old, same old, emanating from every newspaper and mainstream news studio.

What you all fail to perceive is that more and more, the readers – your clientele – are turning away from this trite nonsense and seeking the real news on YouTube, social networking sites, whistleblower sites, such as “Wikileaks”  and alternative news sites where one can be treated as rational human being rather than being delivered carefully selected news that is all too often and obviously following a pre-formatted agenda of dumbing down for mass consumption or playing to the lowest common denominator or simply woefully failing to challenge the status quo.

The worst aspect of this much vaunted press freedom that you lament losing a supposed grip on is that it makes nary a difference to us “plebs” who long ago realised that the main issue here is OUR lack of access to getting across the real iniquities of living in modern Britain today. Please, let me exemplify this in greater detail.

Over the past decade I have been involved in FIVE landmark cases of true national significance to all of us and yet, despite writing to every newspaper and mainstream news group in the country on each occasion, every one of you refused/declined to grant me the oxygen of publicity, you all take for granted, in bringing these issues into the public domain, where believe me, they would have caused great debate and calls for change. This is where the modern media fails us. We are not deemed fit to take part except in a much edited and throw away format such as in your daily letters page, agin carefully constructed to give the impression that any of you care what your readers rather than yourselves and your corporate sponsors actually think!

Firstly, ten years ago, whilst on holiday with my special needs daughter, a serving prisoner was placed in my house on electronic tag, in a single bedroom with a young girl lodger, by Essex Probation Services, with no checks. He had full access to the rest of the house including the bathroom opposite my daughter’s bedroom. He was a long term violent recidivist, half way through a two year sentence for burglary and using heroin, though the ignorant probation officers couldn’t surmise that from the aluminium foil wraps in the bin, in a tiny single bedroom! I was forced to find another property to move into with all the incumbent expense, but just before moving, the tagged “prisoner” stabbed a man to death in Southend on Sea. I was then arrested by 30 fully armed police at gunpoint and handcuffed in the street, with my daughter alone in her bedroom. I was then put on the laughable “Police witness protection programme” at my new house, as a material witness, until the trial eight months later. I had to have burglar alarm installed and become ever vigilant as the police described his family as “notorious” and his mother as “evil”! After the trial I sought compensation. This was refused by Essex County legal dept, who claimed I didn’t live at the same address, despite being arrested there! The head of such refused to meet with me and said that if I came down he would have me forcibly removed by security. I then fired off the only errant email in a mountain of correspondence to untold agencies involved in this debacle, where I stated that if anyone so much as laid a hand on me I would “knock him spark out!”.  The next morning eight police broke into my house, bundled me handcuffed into a cage without safety belt and bounced me 15 miles to Chelmsford police station where I was forcibly stripped against my will, stark naked and thrown into a cell with a “suicide kit” of elasticated shorts and vest. I was released miles from home, with no money seven hours later. This resulted in a court hearing miles from my home where I received a conditional discharge and no costs attached by a very sympathetic judge. I wrote to Essex Probation, seeking compensation and asking why they refused to speak to the arresting officers who would confirm, that of course the killer was living in the same house as me and my daughter. They refused to comment and proposed an injunction against me, not for harassment or threatening behaviour, but because it was wasting their time when they had other more pertinent daily issues to deal with! A circuit judge, plainly biased, refused to allow me to question the Head of Essex Probation who sought the injunction and found in her favour. I was banned from writing to her or communicating other wise for one year, with a prison sentence or other penalty threatened if I were to breach such a ruling. Despite writing to every authority in the UK and to every media group including your esteemed rag, not one even so much as interviewed me in person, let alone pledged publication on the basis that this might be considered “REAL” news. Suffice to say, these iniquities of Probation Service failings are going on to this day – do you think if this had of received the oxygen of publicity that certain reforms would have been pledged and in place today, to protect not only the public, but vulnerable, statemented children like my daughter?

Secondly, I then began building up a new business. This is what I used to do, having won two Southend District Business Awards and being invited into four Essex County Business Award finals in the previous fifteen years and being an accredited trainer of business start ups for Business Link Essex for a time, I would suggest I had the relevant profile to enable such. I remortgaged my house, self funded with a bank loan and over three years with a small team prepared a music/art/social networking site, which appears to have been the forerunner of many of today’s most popular sites. I signed up artists from all over the globe to represent ambient music and digital art at it’s finest and we painstakingly prepared and formatted one thousand tracks of music on multi platforms, including i-Tunes and all the big download sites. Well in advance we planned a major launch on multi platforms and it was only then, six months before it was required that we went to market to secure outside funding for the first time. Over the next twelve months I failed miserably to obtain a penny of funding and for the life of me could not understand why, especially as initial interest was always strong. I maxed out my credit cards to try and keep the overheads going, eventually losing my staff and finally having to admit defeat and shutting down before I’d even started, now in serious debt for the first time. However, it transpired that at the point where I sought funding Her Majesty’s Court Service had “accidentally” emplaced a County Court Judgement in my name for over £250, 000, without further description and showing “unpaid” on every credit register. They had also not written to me to tell me of this salient fact, so I was effectively blacklisted on every major UK credit register. Now, I understood why I had been declined funding, as I was the MD of the company applying for funding. I was declined compensation by HMCS at Petty France in London; a group of senior management ruling on their own culpability, with no independent assessor even considered. I was refused legal aid, as in 90% of all the cases I am relating to you here and had to commence my own case against HMCS, which is effectively the Ministry of Justice. So, it ended up in the Royal Courts of Justice as A. Power v The Ministry of Justice. Firstly, a single “Master” refused permission for it even to go to trial. I then had to go through a tortuous and long winded appeal process, which resulted in me representing such before Justice Blair (Tony Blair’s brother!). Now, he is PAID by the Ministry of Justice, so I asked for a jury to rule on this as he had an obvious conflict of interests. This was swiftly denied, such is the arrogance and hubris within this supposedly august and impartial court. I then submitted my case, the main thrust being negligence by omission, in that if they had taken the simple courtesy of writing to me, then this “accident” would have been quickly cleared up without the terrible ramifications for myself, my staff and the artists who were working with us. I observed that within industry in the private sector, if such negligence went on, I would sue in similar manner and win my case. This would then reverberate around the industry sector and new formats would be put in place across the sector to ensure similar negligence never happened again. This is how we reform, hone and manage business practices so that the worst excesses of industrial malpractice are quickly dealt with. In this case, I maintained, that by allowing this case to be heard for compensation, then it would quickly be established that NOT mailing out to recipients of CCJs was an obvious erroneous practice leading to many such “accidents”. This case would thereby ensure the necessary reform to further ensure that such practice would now be ended and a letter would be sent in all such instances to ensure the recipient was aware that they had been effectively credit blacklisted, thereby allowing them to swiftly correct the situation if this was in error. Justice Blair, refuted this and all my further legal argument, by dismissing the case and thereby not allowing it to go to trial, by interpreting the Crown Proceedings Act to his own advantage. He stated that Crown civil servants were not liable for any mistakes made whilst going about their normal working duties and therefore, regrettably, there was no case to answer! I protested that no individual civil servant was being prosecuted here, as I was not even privy to the name of the person responsible, I was in fact prosecuting the Agency itself, his employer, The Ministry of Justice. I further pointed out that this was a clear contravention of the Human Rights Act and other statutes which superseded this old law and that further it was an act of “apartheid” that Govt agencies that we were forced to fund should be outside the laws that were incumbent upon those of us paying such taxes. This was quickly dismissed – case over, before it was ever heard in open court! I then made a fulsome appeal, forensically dissecting and dismantling his argument, which again was a tortuous long winded process. Many pages of documents were arrogantly disregarded thereafter by Lady Justice Hallett in a one line response to me, “no further argument represented – case dismissed”! I was now tens of thousands in debt and in a fight to save my house from repossession, a scenario that goes on to this day. Naturally, none of this was published in your esteemed “news”paper, nor in any other acknowledged news outlet, despite repeated requests. Strangely, though, it was represented by The Libertarian Party, a political party not so much as acknowledged by your or any other newspaper and a few alternative news websites. Sadly, however, they lack the power of a national newspaper or media outlet and the protestations at such injustice quickly faded away.

In the meantime, another lesser case had been heard. I was £3000 behind on a credit card with Capital One. They had phoned me THREE THOUSAND times in a six month period on landline, business line and mobile, from UK, India and America, to the point where I had completely lost my temper and threatened to smash their offices to bits. The Police came again, as they always rush out for their “employers” I threatened to sue them though as I had been previously arrested for harassment over a mere phone call and had an injunction emplaced on me for writing a few letters, so why weren’t they threatening Capital One executives with arrest after conducting such a vicious phone campaign against me when they had the simple expedient of taking me to court if they felt I was in breach of their credit card agreement? Funnily enough, I never received another phone call thereafter! I took Capital One to court as this had been of an order of magnitude the like of which I felt assured no judge would tolerate. However, the circuit judge refused to listen to most of my argument and it was plain that he had already enjoyed a cosy relationship with the powerful defence team sent in by Capital One, though obviously, once again I’d been declined any form of legal aid. He quickly found in their favour, despite another judge in another case declaring that just a few dozen phone calls was harassment and pronouncing in favour of the plaintiff, with compensation to boot. But not in an Essex court, though. He announced I had to pay around £6000 in costs to the other side for this thirty minute charade. I retorted that I would not be paying such as this case had only come to court AFTER another circuit judge had discerned it had “merit” and that he was contradicting his own department if he landed me with such costs. He quickly corrected this disgraceful attempt at bankrupting me and revoked the costs but stated that if it came up for appeal that he would invoke all such costs but further appeal costs. Once again I had been refused to question one person at Capital One nor contest the blatant lies being proffered by the defence team. A kangaroo court in all but name. Again, naturally, of no interest to the Daily Mail or any other publication of national interest.

So, we come to the fourth case and a tragic one at that. I had had effective joint custody of our daughter for the past fourteen years and she had lived with me half of every week for that time, plus four weeks of holiday time throughout the year. Due to her learning difficulties I had worked from home all that time, despite the obvious extra hardship that decision imposed on me. However, it meant my daughter was not mugged off with babysitters in all the time she was with me, excepting on occasion my mother, her grandmother, during her first few years, until she moved up north to be near my sister and other relations. In all that time I never received a penny of benefits or any contribution toward the costs of treatments I found for her, from six weeks in a hyperbaric chamber to regular sessions with a mctimoney chiropractor. The mother who received such as child benefit contributed nothing toward such treatments. Four years ago, when my daughter was sixteen and had just left a special needs school and was about to start a three year college course of “lifeskills”, her mother suddenly removed her from my care, without explanation, after we had a brief row on the phone after she failed again, to pick her up on the appointed time after she’d been with me for a long weekend. All further contact was refused, phone numbers were changed and so I called the police to gain access. They refused, saying my court order was over ten years old and that I would have to apply to the courts for such to be “renewed”. I’d never heard of such a thing. When she was an infant I’d fought a bitter eighteen month court battle with no legal aid or assistance all the way through to the Royal Courts of Justice, where I proved that an injunction placed against me was a tissue of lies. I’d had one hundred written testimonials as to my good character and suitability to be a parent, the mother had none. Lady Justice Elizabeth Butler-Schloss, the Head of the Children’s Court, said, “congratulations Mr Power, you are the first unrepresented defendant ever to win a case in my court!” Obviously, the Daily Mail and the rest of the “free” press failed to pick up on this landmark hearing at the time….The case collapsed thereafter and I was granted effective joint stewardship and enforced name change to include my surname in my daughter’s title. No one had so much as intimated that this acknowledgement of fatherhood and parental stewardship was only to last for ten years! I therefore, started another fifteen months of soul destroying legal action against the mother to gain access to our daughter again. However, this process was hampered by unbelievable interference from first arbitration, which delayed the start of the case by two months. As the mother had no obligation to attend, it was a puerile and wasted attempt that should not have been countenanced unless the mother was forced to attend or be heavily penalised as a result. Thereafter CAFCAS got involved and a furious letter over their handling of the issue in a side court show led to an apology to me and a pledge to change the personnel involved. Then CAFCAS stopped the case because one of their own ex-employees had made negative claims about the mother’s ability to raise our child and other issues, to which I have never been made privy. However, I was supplied with four bullet points concerning such. The mother’s ex boyfriend had been arrested and been accused of sexual abuse against my daughter, whilst still in my joint care some months previously. Leigh Police, Southend Social Services and CAFCAS had all declined to advise me at the time, ask if I’d had any intimation of such or sought out my advice on whether or not my daughter had voiced any concerns or if I’d had any, with regard to this man. All these departments thereafter steadfastly refused to furnish me with any other information whatsoever, or my solicitor, (I had legal aid for the first time!) despite it being critical to the outcome of the case. Further claims by CAFCAS were that the mother had encouraged our daughter to begin a sexual relationship with another special needs child who she had begun to see, to my great disturbance, just before she was removed from my care. They both had mental ages at that time of eleven/twelve and I would not have countenanced such conduct in my house as our daughter was clearly not yet mature enough to undertake such. That boy had gone on to beat my daughter in some way (again details withheld). Then it was stated that my daughter had “conflict” with her mother and that the mother clearly needed some form of intervention in managing her role as the child’s parent! All of this never further detailed to me in any way. It should be noted, that at no time was any claim made against me of assaulting or otherwise hurting our child in any way. It seems this whole issue was allegedly because I was against my daughter getting over friendly with this young special needs boy. Considering he went on to assault her you’d have thought alarm bells would have rung and I’d been proven right, but not in inter agency dynamics where “common purpose” is the proposed methodology rather than common sense parenting. Apparently, my daughter had had two more relationships under her mother’s watch since and was now on her fourth in all: all special needs kids, though it appeared this last one was more stable and my daughter was happy. Naturally, the mother had had over a year to somehow pervert our daughter to not only reject me but also every other member of my/her family and any friend of mine known to her if she saw them out in my hometown. As I represented FIFTY written submissions with the offer of fifty more if required, including one of the leading childcare specialists in the UK, who is a personal friend and others from professionals in childcare, you can imagine how many people my daughter had been instructed to turn her head away from if they acknowledged her on the street. Unbelievably, I was only allowed to submit four of those references as the courts would not acknowledge any more than that! Again, the mother had none. Then CORE became involved and were instructed to arrange six meetings with my daughter and I before the final hearing. They managed one, the day before the case and it was a grossly mishandled affair, the subject of a welter of written complaints thereafter, none of which were answered in anything approaching a satisfactory and fulsome response, as with every Essex and Govt agency above and below I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Finally, when the case was heard the Judge, realising at last that the mother was a malevolent influence, barred her from in future representing our daughter and appointed an Advocate for such, with the imperative that he would meet with our daughter without the mother’s presence and would express all my fatherly concerns direct to her. Ten minutes later he called us into the court room again and said, “Regrettably, Mr Power, I cannot enforce this judgement as your daughter is now eighteen!” I was given the option of further pursuing the case through adult court, but that would have meant directly involving my daughter which I was loath to do. My solicitor also advised me I’d get no further legal aid and that therefore she couldn’t further represent me. As a result I haven’t seen my daughter for four years, despite her living half a mile from me. Loads of so called professionals, all on the public employ earnt plenty from the taxes muppets like me are expected to pay for their sinister interference in our lives. It was all a sham and had started to make me ill in the process. What SHOULD have happened is this. Immediately, I laid complaint of the mother’s effective kidnapping of our daughter, she should have been hauled before a sitting panel of parents who would have told her in no uncertain terms that children need fathers too and that she should not be undermining my obviously loving intent, concern for and stewardship of our daughter and that if it continued she would lose all custodial rights and may even be imprisoned. As there was no claims of negligence, assault or mental ill treatment of our daughter by me that should have negated the need for any more agencies to get involved apart from social services who should have been obliged to submit all their files on the mother to the panel promptly, uncensored, for their consideration. That way my daughter would not have been able to become estranged from me and the rest of her family and neither would the mother have had fifteen months to further engender such a rejection of a father and family she’d previously adored and who’d adored her back. That, Miss Phillips, is a solution as well as a litany of complaint. On that basis alone I should have been given air time or space in a prominent daily newspaper such as your own, but yet again all such overtures were swiftly declined. Thus, Fathers for Justice, an organisation that shouldn’t even exist, still trundles on, belittled and sidelined by mainstream media such as your own, slavishly following Govt policy and barely laying a word of protest to such scandals as my own.

The result for me was a sudden diminishment of my physical powers, from a hugely positive, self motivated and fit individual to a massively depressed and physically unfit person. My blood count changed drastically overnight and I endured a year of every cancer test imaginable. I went on income tax credits for seven months and then jobseekers allowance for a year, purely to save the roof over my head as I could barely think straight let alone work as I was used to, drowning in a sea of debt and depression. I was finally diagnosed with paraproteinitis and neutrophylla – I now have to have quarterly blood tests for the rest of my life as this is the precursor to leukaemia and myeloma.  I went to the doctor and all he could do was appoint with me an in house “counsellor” who optimistically told me I should try hitting my pillow with my squash racquet whenever angry and bitter feelings well up in me! Thank God for friends, who rallied round and slowly convinced me there was life after family and I slowly got better. I got myself fit again, stabilised my blood count and after a year, signed off and work quietly on the telephone to this day doing marketing and appointment generation for dedicated green companies. I slowly built up my earnings to just cover my mortgage and feed me. Only now am I enjoying a small increase in such. However, I’ve since received untold letters from Inland Revenue saying they’ve overpaid me by up to £1200, with no explanation of how they came to this arbitrary figure. As I only had around this figure in total in seven months of tax credits, I’m at an utter loss as to how they came to this conclusion, after all, they told me I was eligible for £160/month after my business collapsed, not the other way round. The DHSS also claim they overpaid me by a few hundred pounds, as it does not specify how or why I’m really not interested in contesting such. They both threaten with debt collectors letters, but strangely no court action, which illustrates the further degradation of every agency I have ever dealt with in the past decade.

So, we come to the final case. As a result of the unbelievable treatment I have endured from the aforementioned groups I have resolved NEVER again to pay one more penny for their upkeep, until such time as “plebs” like me are given a real voice in fomenting change and reform. I do this because I am a deeply principled man and because I am no longer willing to pay for their employ to carry on regardless, nor their pensions when I don’t have so much as a savings account to my name. I wrote to EVERY MP and Lord and Lady in the House of Lords too, telling them this and why I had to take this stance, not least of all for the benefit of my health, which was critical as I do not intend to die prematurely as a result of such naked aggression, negligence and incompetence of supposedly “public” servants who remain unanswerable to every written request thusfar submitted. Furthermore, I was hampered by lack of income and continual threats of house repossession and possible bankruptcy. Now, as from 2011 on, I was going to put me first. I was claiming back “ownership” of me and I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to let another civil servant claim otherwise.

From mid 2011 I could no longer afford £140/month council tax. There is no way I’ll ever apply to any agency or local authority again for any relief though I detailed my paucity of earnings to the local authority more than once in a bid to get them off my case. They ignored such entreaties and took me to court which I declined to attend. A thousand pounds of arrears suddenly becomes three thousand with various costs arbitrarily added on. At that point it’s no longer even tenable, so I simply ignore their letters and decline the bailiffs (thugs in a suit) when they turn up on my doorstep. I had no car, no TV, no mobile for a good while, no savings, shares or other resources. My house is in a state of disrepair and I had submitted an inventory of my meagre possessions, the only thing I had of value was a seven year old computer with all my work and data on it and they were not allowed to take such, so they were refused consent every time they turned up. Then it took a nasty turn as the Police became involved. I had already written to them asking what their role was in matters of supporting bailiffs and corporations such as Castle Point Local authority and I had had a reply to say they would only attend “to prevent a breach of the peace”. So you can imagine my angst when they started turning up mob handed to get me to attend “court” effectively  not a real court but an unlawful institution run by the local authorities in conjunction with magistrates to ensure they get their pound of flesh. I explained that I was withholding payment of any further taxable claims on me due to the past treatment I had endured and also because it was now seriously detrimental to my health. Furthermore, I had advised the Local Authority that I was almost certainly earning under the threshold for payment of Council Tax and that I also had a mountain of debt that I was still dealing with and which would take precedent over their claims. I also observed that I no longer gave consent for such charges to be enforced on me and would only attend court if a jury of my peers was agreed to, to which the local authority had consistently denied my request for. This was a breach of both my Common Law rights and various of mt Human Rights and that therefore the Police had no business in supporting such unlawful actions against me. Finally, I said that unless they presented a warrant to me signed by a serving judge, with a seal on HMCE paper that I had no obligation to go anywhere with them. This went on for a few weeks. When I was not there the Police would knock on my neighbour’s doors, asking if they knew where I was, if I had a car, if I had a girlfriend, when I would be back and other outrageous questions that illustrate their complete contempt for my human rights. Finally, they phoned and said they now had an actual warrant and would attend on the next Tuesday morning to take me to court. They turned up with a piece of photocopied plain paper that bore no resemblance to a real warrant and claimed that the actual warrant was at the police station! I declined to go with them, but they then threatened to kick my door in and handcuff me and take me by force to the police station and court thereafter. Instead of calling their bluff, because I was afraid of leaving my house with a broken front door open to the public in my enforced absence and I did not wish to be dragged out screaming and handcuffed in front of my neighbours and they’re little children as they were setting off for school, I reluctantly agreed to go with them. I was not handcuffed until we got to the station. I was allowed sight of the alleged “warrant” but not a copy as pledged. The warrant was plainly not a true one. I was told I would be given copy in the court – another lie! I was held in a holding cell until the hearing, which would have been funny if it had been on a TV sitcom, but sadly was deadly serious to me. I refused to entertain the court unless they appointed a jury, as is my inalienable right. They declined and threatened to detain me in a cell whilst they sentenced me in my absence. I reminded them that I was defending myself and would not allow such, so I was forced to go on the stand. It was plain that all my written submissions had been ignored and were probably not even read. I explained I had 76p currently in my bank account, tens of thousands of pounds of debt and blood disorders that should absolutely preclude me from being imprisoned for an alleged civil offence, especially when I had not given consent for such, had no contract with the local authority and had been refused a jury. I was utterly ignored and given thirty days in Chelmsford Prison. I was about to turn 54 and had just been sent to jail for the first time in my life. In a similar case in Sheffield a man was given such a sentence. After he came out he appealed and the Judge found in his favour. He said that first of all the magistrates had an obligation to take into account his financial circumstance, which they failed to do. Secondly, as he had a stated illness, that should have precluded him from being sent to prison for such a civil offence. Thirdly, it was unlawful of the magistrates to even consider prison without first discussing other options such as fine, community service or other order, including dismissal of the case in his favour. He then went on to the ECHR and successfully sued for £50,000 compensation. The only reason I haven’t done this is because not one lawyer in Essex/London will touch this on a pro bono status. The Sheffield lawyers would, but told me they aren’t allowed to do such outside their environs. The thirty days I endured is a book in itself and I’ve written it by hand and am now committing it to print. However, it’s a slow process as has been this missive to you, because I now have distorted vision in my left eye caused by a fluid bubble which will require further treatment, bought on by, yes, you’ve guessed it – stress!

Of course, I diligently referenced this entire circumstance to the Daily Mail and every other newspaper and TV news room and of course, it was declined or ignored by every one of them.

Now, I’ve been forced to leave my home and rent it out to cover the cost of my mortgage. I’m being chased again by Castle Point, who still want the arrears plus untold alleged costs paid, only this time with the threat of sixty days incarceration. I am therefore laying incognito staying at various family and friends homes for short periods before moving on. I’m averaging around £800 a month income and have just bought a car for £400, though am unable to insure it as yet and can’t drive at night anyway until my eye is finally treated. I am getting a little fitter, dancing again occasionally and enjoying a modest social life after my enforced period of withdrawal. I do not seek sympathy nor do I bemoan my fate, which is still in my hands and no one else’s. However, I do seek a platform, as this has gone on long enough. Every single word I have printed here can be referenced and proofed, together with all the pathetic responses, disclaimers and nonsensical letters I have received from no end of senior civil servants, MPs and Lords and Ladies of the land. I’m certain that what I’ve been through is simply an example of what millions of our citizens and many of your readers go through every year, though I don’t doubt that I have been on the receiving end more than most and possibly to greater personal loss and detriment. I carry on, because I seek change, reform and transparency in our public services, not because of any personal vendetta I wish to maintain, nor because I’m an anarchist or wish to see the breakdown of civil society. No, I carry on because I have morals, principles and ethics, something I see a woeful lack of not just within our public services as aforementioned, but because I see it in our national media too.

So, forgive me Ms Phillips, if I dismiss your plaintive appeal for press “freedom” as being the bleat of self concern for your precious lifestyles and ability to carry on regardless. From where I sit, the freedom of the press died an age ago, when the freedom of its readers and viewers became utterly disenfranchised from having any ability to voice such powerful concerns as I have expressed time and again to mainstream media. Do you think it makes any difference to me and millions of others whether or not you’re regulated, edited, censored or even run by Government? As far as I’m concerned you lost all credibility a long time ago, when you ceased reporting on what is ACTUALLY happening and replaced it with soundbites and personal theories as espoused by your article today. When you and the newspaper you work for see fit to put such an article as this unedited within your supposedly “free” press, then I’ll believe you are promoting an argument worth supporting. But as a decade of vain entreaties and requests have shown me, that day will be a long time coming. This has taken me six hours to write – I doubt I’ll even get a semblance of an answer and as for getting publication…well, I’ll leave that to you to consider, whilst you make your self-absorbed plea for freedom of expression that seems to have passed your newspaper by, if it ever really existed!


Best regards to you and I wish you well in your selfless campaign! Though as always I doubt I will be a part of such or that it will make any meaningful difference to me or those around me….


Andre Power



Libertarian Party Supports Change Of Law On Misfeasance in Public Office And Public Inquiry Into The Freddie Patel Case

The Libertarian Party this week publishes its new Statement of Principles and Manifesto for 2012. One of the main planks of the manifesto is to make misfeasance in public office at statutory offence and a mandatory ten year jail sentence for any public official and Minister found to be complicit in torture.

Jack Straw blocked making misfeasance in public office being made a statutory offence stating there was no requirement for it.

Clearly Mr Straw who has kept a very low profile while allegations have been made he ‘authorised’ the use of torture and he was reminded of that he had done so by the security services. It could be construed that he was not acting in the public interest.

Misfeasance in public office, a common law offence, by case law includes anybody who receives payment from the state. As over fifty per cent of people in the United Kingdom draw their income from the State, changing the law is long overdue.

The case of struck off pathologist  Freddie Patel is a case in point. For over twenty years this public servant was known to have question marks over his ability to do the job in a scientific and impartial manner. He also appears to have been a pathologist of choice when it came to cases where the police were involved in a death. The most notable being that of Ian Tomlinson.

The Libertarian Party supports a immediate public inquiry into Mr Patel’s activities, his relationship with the Police, and the reopening of all cases that he dealt with and submitted reports to the Coroners Court.

If it be proved he was in effect committing perjury before a Coroners’ court he should be charged with a criminal offence.

The families concerned affected by his botched cases should not have to wait twenty years as has happened. Our proposals are that a County Public Prosecutor be appointed or elected in each County to quickly pursue such cases and to overcome the inevitable cover ups that occur in such cases.

The Libertarian Party also applauds the stand made by Desmond Tutu in refusing to attend a conference where Tony Blair was in attendance. While Mr Blair is seeking public rehabilitation, the launching of a war of aggression against a sovereign state without any threat to the United Kingdom is worthy of proceedings.

That the Guardian shows a blind eye to the waging of an agressive war by the then Labour leader is a disgrace, saying Tutu should not have snubbed Blair.

Time To Call The Overdraft In

Is it not time to call the overdraft in on the the big four banks and for RBS and HBOS to be given thirty days in which to repay their overdraft before sending in the administrators before breaking up these Behemoths?

The government largesse poured into their coffers by a panicking Gordon Brown and the Party of the people has disappeared into a black hole. Operation Merlin has failed to keep the flow of credit going to SME’s some of whom are now gamely turning to pawnbrokers according to the BBC last night. The dire ‘One Show’ showed plucky brits trading in cars and watches to raise  meagre amounts of development and expansion money. The tenor of the programme was jokey and light hearted and reminded me of government advice to dive under a table if somebody dropped an A bomb at the end of the street.

Perhaps calling it ‘Operation Merlin’ was a mistake to start with as an American ‘Operation Merlin‘ was also a misconceived disaster.

There are a host of new market entrants that are more deserving of government credit lines to keep the SME’s who actually create employment expanding.

The Big Four are holed below the water line some fail to produce cash at cashpoints and the Barclays farago is just the start.

There is no magic bullet that is going to save the dinosaurs of banking only one that is going to put them and us out of our misery.

(By the way has anybody thought to confiscate Bob Diamond’s passport)

Its The Concentration Of Power Stupid

Over the weekend we have passed a watershed in civic life. A chairman of a national British Bank has resigned over the dishonesty of its senior staff in the fixing of the LIBOR rate.There is more to come on this from other banks in the UK and Europe.

This has come on top of MP’s going to jail, the party of the people mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s future by giving our reckless banks the PIN code to the banks to keep them afloat when neither Government nor these insolvent institutions have the slightest idea of how big this black hole is. The repressive and oppressive state that came out of thirteen years misrule does not even begin

Despite the last labour administration launching expensive wars,bankrupting the exchequer, the Conservative Party under Cameron could not decisively win the last General Election, and had to rely on a party that is more Social Democrat than Liberal to form a Government.Social Democracy is marxist in outlook and origin.So the net result is that we have a non conservative government trying to be all things to all men.We have a chancellor who would rather send a junior minister to be mauled by Paxman than try to explain why he has performed yet another U turn, in a life imitates art parody of ‘drop the dead donkey’. Chloe Smith was offered the job at the Treasury because Cameron thought she was a a chartered accountant,

At the last election nearly forty per cent of the electorate did not vote, those that did vote many knew that their vote would not count under first past the post. That means that whole swathes of different political thought are not represented in Parliament, and we have to endure a two and half party political system that is argued to be ‘representative parliamentary democracy’ when it is anything but. It is a conclave of vested interest concentrated in the hands of the few.

Oborne vividly put the political inter relationships in his book the  The Triumph Of The Political Class’. The Leveson Inquiry has merely demonstrated the depths that these inter-relationships stoop to.

The two and half party state is pro the EU, yet seventy per cent of the population would vote out, so that representative democracy does not work. The largest Eurosceptic party UKIP has achieved no representation at Westminster in twenty years, so  again where des the system allow full debate of national issues.

It is only through the devolution of power away from the centre can political life be restored and local people can vote for local people who are there to truly represent their interests. The Libertarian Party sees the european model of cantonal government in Switzerland as the best way out of this mire. The Shires once were the basis of both political and military organisation, so this is nothing new for us to readopt and use PR as the voting system.

Schumacher was right nearly forty years ago in his seminal book ‘Small is beautiful’ the modern British State has proved that Big is oppressive and corrupt.

Whitehall and the City are incapable of reform and will merely tinker around the edges. Both need breaking up to end this almost monarchical concentration of power.