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Britain – A New Future Outside The EU

For years we have all been led to believe that being in the EU allowed Britain to have a say, have influence at the top table.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality the majority of the ‘standards’ imposed by the EU are not set in Brussels but by international trade and technical organisations.
The EU merely took those standards, gold plated them with whatever political impositions they wished to enforce, and sent them out as Directives to the member States.

To have a real say, to have real influence, Britain can now rejoin these International bodies and have a seat at the real top tables around the globe.

Let us take the Automotive Industry for example. Standards are set by WP.29, part of UNECE.
The EU took these standards and simply superimposed new rules over and above, such as the impending EU satelite tracking system.

Or the infamous EU reduces roaming charges for mobile phones. The EU did not set this standard, this was set by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), passed to the regional standards organisation the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and then given to the EU to implement.

It really makes one wonder what all that money sent to Brussels every day was for, beyond buying champagne and caviar, or paying inflated wages and pensions for a political elite that served no real purpose.

With Britain free of the EU we can again take our place at the top tables in the global community, to rejoin the international and regional bodies that shape our world, free of the political baggage that has been imposed on us for the last 40 years.

We will reclaim our seats on the International Organization for Standardization , the International Electrotechnical Commission , and the International Telecommunication Union , which have each existed for more than 50 years (founded in 1947, 1906, and 1865, respectively) and are all based in Geneva, Switzerland, thus restoring little Britain with its global reach.

At the regional level we can rejoin the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM), none of which are influenced or run by the EU.

Beyond that there are hundreds of international and regional standards bodies that cover virtually everything from making matchsticks, mobile phones, travel to nuclear power plants, all of which a new revitalised Britain could have a say in shaping. We can again be international rule makers, not simply rule takers.

So no more talk of bent bananas, under-performing vacuum cleaners or kettles that will not boil. Let free speech, free trade and freedom of choice once again become the norm in the Britain of tomorrow.

To make this happen the mind-set of Britain needs to change. Conservatives need to become conservative again, the negative, divisive and belittling attitude of the socialists and bansturbators need to be contained, and the voice of freedom needs to ring true with libertarian influence in the corridors of power.

We gave up our voice on the world stage to the EU, but now having decided to leave we will not be isolated, we will be dynamic, alive again, free to trade and set standards around the globe.

This is the awakening of a free trading nation, one which the Libertarian Party UK will be looking forward to participating in.

Join Us today, and help us to become part of the future, not the past.


The referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU will soon be upon us and LPUK have always fully supported the Vote Leave campaign and strongly believe that decisions should be taken as locally to those that they affect as possible.

However the main thing that I have taken from these campaigns is how much the political classes have lost the trust of the public. The majority of conversations that I have had have revolved around the statement “I just don’t know what the truth is.”

With project fear in full effect the Remain camp have consistently bombarded the public (Often with tax payer funding) with warnings of Armageddon were we to leave the union.

These tactics are not just damaging to the EU campaigns but to the future of politics in the UK.

For my own personal experiences whenever I have told people I am supporting the Leave campaign I am often rounded on with accusations of “Little Englander”, “Xenophobe” and “Racist”. The irony is that I am actually voting to leave for the exact opposite reason.

I believe that it is the EU that is parochial (Trade should only happen between it’s members.) Xenophobic (Goods from outside the EU are lesser than those inside made inside the EU) and Racist (An unskilled European Migrant should have priority after a highly skilled African migrant).

I believe in the Free Market and I believe that immigration is a source of great good into a modern society – As long as the welfare state exists I believe it needs to be controlled, but to me that is a welfare issue rather than an immigration issue – but in all these areas the EU prevents freedoms rather than promoting them.

So on June the 23rd I urge everyone to ignore the fear tactics, ignore the critics and simply ask yourself. “Do you want to be a part of this club?”

Adam Brown
Party Leader

Adam Brown is Elected New Party Leader for Libertarians UK

Following an internal ballot on 15th August 2015, Libertarians across the country have unanimously elected Adam Brown as their new party leader. A clear and enthusiastic vote of trust by jubilant activists and committed friends of LPUK to the type of inclusive policies defended throughout his campaign.


Hailing from Crawley in West Sussex, Adam has impressed party members with the fact he previously served on Crawley Borough Council as Chair of the Licensing Committee, as well as offering Portfolio Support for the Leader of the council. Interestingly, Adam also chaired the “value for money” scrutiny panel in its endeavours to ensure the council could justify everything it was spending. All adding confidence in his skill as an experienced politician with a proven ability to work with micro, as well as macro, issues.


After thanking all those who elected him, Adam went on to say, “I am delighted in the faith they have shown in me and am honoured to accept the position of party leader”. Additionally, when asked about his view on the task ahead, he confidently stated, “I have no misconceptions of the difficulty I am faced with. However, these are ideal times for the LPUK to discuss matters pertaining to the protection of personal freedom, reducing state interference generally, and rolling back the nanny state that has permeated into our everyday existence”. Each stance placing Adam in the very mainstream of inherited Libertarian thought.


Taking up his duties from Saturday 3rd October 2015, Adam intends to address the party shortly thereafter and table a number of strategies to increase membership, develop further contacts with other advocates of liberty, while raising public awareness of alternatives to “Big Government” in both theory and practice.


For further information contact David Parry Press Officer

Constitutional Convention

The Libertarian Party has long argued for fundamental Constitutional change on the Swiss model of devolved direct democracy with the use of referenda.

With a turn out of 85% the Scottish Referendum has showed that the people can and should be trusted with fundamental decisions.

For the Libertarian Party there is ample proof that our so called ‘representative ‘ democracy with first past the post gerrymandering is sclerotic and bust.

Wars, reckless spending, MPs expenses from the ‘Rotten Parliament’ and now the Scottish Referendum shows we must have change.

The West Lothian question was asked in 1978. Thirty five years to provide an answer is intolerable.

Cameron has rejected an English Parliament. He is out of tune with the will of the people in England. He is also out of time. The sleeping giant has awoken. He must stand aside.

All three party leaders have promised greater powers for Scotland and retention of the Barnett formula. This was without reference to Parliament and the whole of the people of these isles. This is not acceptable.

Alex Salmond has rendered a service to the union in exposing the flawed system we labour under.

We call for a Constitutional Convention that all shades of political opinion are consulted. Leaving the matter to William Hague and tired party hacks is not acceptable.


Scottish Referendum

The events surrounding the Scottish Independence Referendum over the last few weeks begs the question why are we allowing ourselves to be ruled by such ruthless incompetents in both Whitehall and Westminster.

Firstly the Libertarian Party UK position on the role of devolved Government and the non-existent Constitution of the current United Kingdom:

The Libertarian Party in the United Kingdom entered into an agreement with the Scottish Libertarian Party in 2013, as it is only right and just that the political realities are recognised. This was done cordially and has allowed both parties to cooperate going forward.

The Libertarian Party has a clear policy on devolved government and believes that it is a good thing. Germany has had its Länder, or States since 1949, to forestall the rise of another Hitler and to avoid all power being centralised in Berlin. Germany is of course in the EU. Even in Germany, voters in Saxony have returned anti-EU candidates.

Our role model is the Cantonal Government of Switzerland.

The Cantons have tax competition and follows the Libertarian dictum that  the government should be as near to the people as possible. There is direct democracy through referendum where everybody’s vote counts. Switzerland is not part of the EU.

Ulster and Wales along with Scotland have devolved government, although bizarrely enough the English, who are subsidising the United Kingdom, are not consulted, nor do they have devolved Government.

LPUK policy is to give devolved government to the Counties of everything from Whitehall other than defence and foreign affairs. This will remove a huge raft of government and eradicate the need for professional politicians who have never held down a full time job in the real world.

For historical reasons and cultural continuity, these devolved powers would be based on the ancient Saxon Kingdoms;  Mercia, Wessex, Northumbria, East Anglia, Sussex, Essex and Kent, plus  Wales, Northern Ireland and Kernow.
We reject any notion this is all part of a plot by the EU to break up the country. These divisions are a thousand years old and it is LPUK policy to leave the EU at the earliest opportunity.

Anybody who thinks that the status quo will continue after September 18th is hoping against hope as did the Stasi in 1989. The genie is out of the bottle, and the courage has to be found to come up with a viable alternative and release the energies and talent of the current United Kingdom held in check by a political elite that live in the magical Kingdom surrounded by M25.

To do this we will need a written Constitution that protects the rights of the individual and set down our constitutional arrangements on defence and foreign affairs.

Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Miliband have done the people of these Isles a service. They have demonstrated that they are the result of the first past the post electoral system, that is unresponsive in an alleged ‘representative democracy’. They have been utterly complacent, finally panicking and flying to Scotland in the dying days of a referendum offering incentives after the postal votes have been made. The flying of the Saltire in England stunt was both humiliating and puerile.

After the 18th September, we should all have a say in a Constitutional Convention, dealing with our electoral system, exiting the EU and making a new political settlement.

As to Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, they should leave the political stage and resign. They have brought nothing but confusion and instability.

It’s the Constitution Stupid!

Or rather the lack of one.

The United Kingdom is just one of four countries in the world that does not have a written Constitution.  There is absolutely nothing to protect the individual or, come to that, whole communities, towns and cities from the arbitrary decisions of a small Whitehall clique fronted by a gaggle of parliamentary yes-men all eager to climb up the greasy pole of power.

London is now acting like a Renaissance Italian City State seeking to dominate the rest of the country with values and short term fixes that are a good fit for London, but not for elsewhere.  Like the City States of old when they lose their raison d’etre, ie a finance power house,  it begins to cede power to stronger entities, in this case Brussels.

The political classes know the game is up.  Their authority is fatally weakened.  That is why they are passing more and more laws, regulations and restrictions to bind the general public.  Ultimately it does not matter who you vote for.  The Civil Servants will always get in.

The Libertarian Party believes in the peaceful transition to a Swiss style Cantonal Constitution where every vote counts and local and national governments reflect the vote accurately through proportional representation.




eve standard

The giveaway was Osbourne’s statement that the ‘budget’ was fiscally neutral, the details you could have read in the Evening Standard an hour ago.

That means that the State has just tinkered around the edges again to satisfy vested interests for electoral purposes in 2015.

The State still sees itself as the powerhouse of the economy, they are even trying to buy off the public service unions with a 1% ‘cap’ on pay increases. This is a price to be paid by the private sector. The tinkering will not make an iota of difference.

There were no commitments to tax cuts, no commitment to a small state, just threats to beef up the tax police, ‘agreements’ with the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

The State is still centralised, and sees itself as a Plc essential to our commonwealth, and has adopted yet more and more failed Keynesian policies, we are still wedded to the EU despite 60% of our exports outside of Europe.

No mention of breaking up the zombie banks, no promotion of more ‘Banks of Dave’ and no business bank. The market is not working because of State intervention

The one thing they could have done was to slim down the tax code, and they have not even mentioned the complicated tax manual.

We would have been better off reading the Standard, than watching this braying mob, pitching to special interest groups rather than the national interest.