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Today marks the relaunch of  the Libertarian Party’s newsletter for members. The Mercurius was a news broadsheet that was published in the English Civil War and I think is an honourable name to resurrect for our party for a monthly newsletter.

We are rapidly approaching our fifth anniversary and we have endured some tough times from the early idealism that we could change things rapidly. I was always of the view that we needed to take small steps and grow organically. I said as much at the very first conference in York. From memory I said I would rather have fifty committed activists than five thousand members. Please be active members, it is the only way we can stop the advance of the State in our lives.

We have been attacked and smeared in so many ways that I would not have thought possible over the last five years. As Churchill said “ You have enemies ? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

For us that means anybody who benefits directly from the State, and currently that includes Conservative Party (with a few honourable exceptions) the whole of  the Labour Party and Social Democrats (Liberal Democrats) who believe in state regulation and control of everything. As a minarchist party we also draw the opprobrium of anarchists, who believe they are the ‘true’ libertarians, the Libertarian Party believes that we have to have minimal government that is constrained by the people in a written constitution.
We have to rebuild both membership and our finances; it is my job to get us back onto the mainstream media.
Please spread the word, push both our facebook page and website.

Regards   Andrew Withers
Libertarian Party Leader.


Party Finances

We are currently covering our basic running costs, and to support our printing costs and candidates we need to start attracting larger donations. A number of you are making monthly payments and for that we are grateful. If you can set up even a £5 a month standing order it eats away at our costs. If you want to sponsor a specific activity please contact me. We are still aiming to get an office opened so that we can accommodate the volunteers we have contacted us every year.
Only by being professional in our fundraising can we hope to survive. If you have any experience in this field please do not hesitate to contact me.

Nic Coome – Party Treasurer.


Book Shop

We are pleased that member Mike Sumner of Harrowden Books in Northamptonshire will shortly be able to offer a discount to members who wish to buy  publications sympathetic to libertarianism.
Hopefully going into a bookshop and asking for a copy of The Road to Serfdom ‘ by Hayek will no longer mean a blank look. Further details will be announced on  the website/facebook.

Video shorts

Party Chairman Guy Montrose and his team are putting together a new crop of YouTube shorts you can view these at   . If you have any ideas for storylines or want to help, please let us know.

Can you volunteer an area of expertise ?

We need volunteers to help get us moving. We all have expertise in something or another so please volunteer.
We need somebody who has working knowledge of  data management so we can update memberships, send out reminders. We also need that all important fund raiser.


Currently we are not in a position to send reminders as to when your membership is due to expire, something we will remedy soon. So please check your membership card for your expiry date.

NCC Meeting

The next National Executive Meeting will be in Bournemouth on 1st September. If you would like to come along please contact Guy Montrose the Party Chairman for details.
Items that will be discussed are the Constitutions of both the South West Region and the London & South East Region. There will also be a change to the Financial Standing Orders.

Regional Reports and student members

The next  Mercurius will have regional reports, by then the Scottish Libertarians should be in a position to register as a political party, and we can then execute our agreement with them.
It is only a few weeks to Freshers Week at out Universities and Colleges. We want to support our members who are students with leaflets and banners. We also need somebody to take ownership of this project.

Any contributions to Mercurius will always be welcome.

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