It is useful to post here and on the party facebook page an explanation of what we are about and how we work as our membership is growing.

The Libertarian Party UK is one of three Libertarian Parties in the United Kingdom.

The Libertarian Party UK covers England, Wales and Kernow.
The Scottish Libertarian Party covers Scotland
The Libertarian Party Northern Ireland

The first two are distinctly different entities, are registered separately with the Electoral Commission and have a cooperation agreement, both are founder members of the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties.

The LPNI is a separate entity for reasons of Electoral Law

As with all registered Parties we are bound by the following Acts
Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA)
The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)

The statutory fines for transgressions of the above Acts are severe and heavy.

We also are required to be aware of all legal judgements that govern our activities. In June of 2015 the European Court of Justice made a judgement that the owners of websites and social media are responsible in Law for the content of any third party content or comment that is defamatory, libellous and/or untrue.

Therefore we are occasionally required to delete comments that use bad language or fall under the ECJ. We will also delete any third party comment that advocates violence as it contravenes the Non Agression Principle. (NAP)

There are two registered symbols for the LP-UK, both based on the Gryphon.

The Libertarian Party UK is a Minarchist and Classical Liberal organisation. It is not an Anarchist Collective.

That means it has a Constitution that all members who join assent voluntarily to abide by. If you don’t like elections and being in a Constitutional Party don’t join the LP-UK.

Anybody regardless of Sex, Sexual Orientation, Creed, Colour, Age and Race are entitled to join. We do not keep any records for profiling, it is none of our business.

The Constitution of the LP-UK does not allow for dual membership of other parties, although we cooperate with other parties in areas of common interest. Membership will not be granted to those who belong to organisations that are deemed by the NCC not to share the aims and objectives of the Party , or are deemed by the NCC as advancing the interests of the State over the individual.

The Party exists solely to give voters a chance to vote for Liberty and a small State, it does not claim to have leadership of the Libertarian Movement, or represent all of the many strands of Libertarian thought.

The governance of the party rests solely with the National Coordinating Committee (NCC), as we advocate a Swiss style Constitution this is the structure we have adopted in the Libertarian Party –UK, all decisions and appointments have to be approved by the NCC.

The NCC is made up of statutory officers as required by PPERA that is Party Leader, Treasurer and Nominating Officer, these officers are directly responsible personally to the Electoral Commission, they are the ones that incur the fines and worse.

The balance of the NCC are made up of the elected Party Chairman , and one elected representative from the regional parties-



London and the South East

The Midlands

East Anglia

The North

Together with officers that are required to be co opted by the NCC.

Each has an equal voice and vote.

These regional parties are to devolve power down to the individual member as far as possible, each can raise its own funds and spend them as it sees fit, subject only to oversight from the Treasurer who is directly responsible for financial compliance to the Electoral Commission, under PPERA 2000. This post holder is deemed an accounting officer in Law.

We have a Federal Constitution that seeks not to impose any restrictions on any organisation that affiliates, other than an obvious breach of the civil and criminal Law.

The Party has a set of financial standing orders that can be viewed on the website. All expenditure is subject to the approval of the prior approval of the treasurer and two NCC members.

All of the regional parties currently have elected to have finances handled by the NCC

For the avoidance of doubt power does not reside with the Party Leader as in traditional political parties it lies solely with the NCC. The Statutory Officers are there because they are required by Law.

All other structures that have been advocated for alternative Libertarian Parties are fanciful and are not compliant with PPERA 2000 or the DPA.