The last few years have seen a leap forward in the Libertarian Movement, the international movement has coalesced around the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties was formed in March of this year in Bournemouth, we have a stable team on the National Coordinating Committee, and we are being asked for interviews again by the media, even the BBC. Membership is growing.

Both of the Socialist Parties in the UK , the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats were roundly defeated in the General Election, however the Party has been warning about the lack of progress on Constitutional and Electoral Reform for the last five years.  The next two years these issues will be forced to the fore front with the EU Referendum and the Settlement with Scotland.

We are seeking to build bridges with the many libertarian leaning groups and societies and with other classical liberal parties. This is moving forward a pace.

I made the decision before the General Election, that I would not be standing for re election as Party Leader at the October Conference, therefore I have three months left on my watch. I have filled this time with speeches in the Netherlands and Norway for the Dutch and Norwegian parties, messages of support have been requested and sent with pleasure to the Swedish and Italian Parties. I will be meeting my colleagues in Belgium and France in the next few weeks.

The Wessex  Libertarian Party is robust and I will be supporting and keeping my links with the West Country, and hope to see other regions grow in strength and vigour.

I commend this new website, all the members of the NCC past and present that have kept us moving forward and the activists who devote so much time and energy, not being keyboard warriors but building a presence on the ground with the public.

Regards Andrew Withers

Party Leader

Andrew LPUK

You’re A Libertarian If……….

You’re a Libertarian if….. You’re a Libertarian if you think the government should not censor speech, press, media, or internet. You’re a Libertarian if you think there should be no laws regarding sex for consenting adults. You’re a Libertarian if you want to cut taxes and government spending by 50% or more. You’re a Libertarian if you want to end corporate welfare. You’re a Libertarian if you strongly oppose any government interfering in your personal, family and business decisions. You’re a Libertarian if you believe in free love and free thought. You’re a Libertarian if you think the government should…

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Constitutional Convention

The Libertarian Party has long argued for fundamental Constitutional change on the Swiss model of devolved direct democracy with the use of referenda. With a turn out of 85% the Scottish Referendum has showed that the people can and should be trusted with fundamental decisions. For the Libertarian Party there is ample proof that our so called ‘representative ‘ democracy with first past the post gerrymandering is sclerotic and bust. Wars, reckless spending, MPs expenses from the ‘Rotten Parliament’ and now the Scottish Referendum shows we must have change. The West Lothian question was asked in 1978. Thirty five years…

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Scottish Referendum

The events surrounding the Scottish Independence Referendum over the last few weeks begs the question why are we allowing ourselves to be ruled by such ruthless incompetents in both Whitehall and Westminster. Firstly the Libertarian Party UK position on the role of devolved Government and the non-existent Constitution of the current United Kingdom: The Libertarian Party in the United Kingdom entered into an agreement with the Scottish Libertarian Party in 2013, as it is only right and just that the political realities are recognised. This was done cordially and has allowed both parties to cooperate going forward. The Libertarian Party…

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Libertarian Party UK oppose appointment of Lady Butler-Schloss

Andrew Withers, leader of LPUK said the appointment of Lady Butler-Schloss is a breathtaking act of incompetence by this administration considering her family links and the earlier alleged cover up and loss of files in the reported high level paedophile ring over four decades. She may had been a fine Judge but this is a matter of public confidence. The Libertarian Party again calls for Misfeasance in Public Office to be made a statutory offence. Public Servants misdeeds should be punished as they were under common law. See also: Brother of child abuse inquiry judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was accused of…

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It’s the Constitution Stupid!

Or rather the lack of one. The United Kingdom is just one of four countries in the world that does not have a written Constitution.  There is absolutely nothing to protect the individual or, come to that, whole communities, towns and cities from the arbitrary decisions of a small Whitehall clique fronted by a gaggle of parliamentary yes-men all eager to climb up the greasy pole of power. London is now acting like a Renaissance Italian City State seeking to dominate the rest of the country with values and short term fixes that are a good fit for London, but…

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Abuse By The State

A week ago the Libertarian Party asked for examples of abuse by the State that had been sidelined by the Police and other public authorities in much the same way justice was denied for the Hillsborough victims for over twenty years. The response has been overwhelming. Andre Power wrote this email to the journalist Melanie Philips, who dismissed his arguments as absurd (at the same time publicising her new book in her reply)  So it appears that the Press only wants to engage with the State on terms allowed by the State already, irrespective of the Royal Commission. In May…

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Libertarian Party Supports Change Of Law On Misfeasance in Public Office And Public Inquiry Into The Freddie Patel Case

The Libertarian Party this week publishes its new Statement of Principles and Manifesto for 2012. One of the main planks of the manifesto is to make misfeasance in public office at statutory offence and a mandatory ten year jail sentence for any public official and Minister found to be complicit in torture. Jack Straw blocked making misfeasance in public office being made a statutory offence stating there was no requirement for it. Clearly Mr Straw who has kept a very low profile while allegations have been made he ‘authorised’ the use of torture and he was reminded of that he…

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Time To Call The Overdraft In

Is it not time to call the overdraft in on the the big four banks and for RBS and HBOS to be given thirty days in which to repay their overdraft before sending in the administrators before breaking up these Behemoths? The government largesse poured into their coffers by a panicking Gordon Brown and the Party of the people has disappeared into a black hole. Operation Merlin has failed to keep the flow of credit going to SME’s some of whom are now gamely turning to pawnbrokers according to the BBC last night. The dire ‘One Show’ showed plucky brits…

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Its The Concentration Of Power Stupid

Over the weekend we have passed a watershed in civic life. A chairman of a national British Bank has resigned over the dishonesty of its senior staff in the fixing of the LIBOR rate.There is more to come on this from other banks in the UK and Europe. This has come on top of MP’s going to jail, the party of the people mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s future by giving our reckless banks the PIN code to the banks to keep them afloat when neither Government nor these insolvent institutions have the slightest idea of how big this black…

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Discussions with Scottish Libertarians

  The NCR of the Scottish Libertarians and NCC of the Libertarian Party UK are having joint discussions with the Electoral Commission, as to a working agreement on how to advance Libertarianism against the background of devolution. We will keep you posted on developments both here and on the facebook page.